My watch creation

Quick thought experiment.

Lets say you are walking along a beach and find a fine watch, full of handy apps, gps, bluetooth, gyro, sensors, etc and then your next words are, “wow, look what the sea washed ashore all on its own”…”wow, the salt water and sand are really incredible to have rolled around for billions of years to have made this fine watch. Lucky me”.

No sir, Apple made the watch with talent on loan from God, wether they realize it or not.

To have a creation, there must be an intelligent Creator. Human beings and the whole universe, last I checked where a tad bit more complex than my nifty watch.

Thank God He is so patient with us.

God is not just awe-some, He is awe-all. Get right with Him!

Sufficiency – 2nd Corinthians 3:5

Analogy: Life is a river with its smooth parts along with rapids. Our relationship with God like being in the kayak vs wading in the river. We float as long as we abide and intentionally bail. The Spirit has us strappes in, guides and protects us. The paddle moves and steers by faith and works (the two ends of one paddle). When we go with God, its like going with the current. Yes there are still rocks and other dangers but nothing like paddling up stream, the way of the world.