‘i am’ Affirmations

Speaking positive truth to our souls is so important. I try to speak these to myself daily. It’s a long list which I have developed of many years. I suggest you develop your own. Take the best, leave the rest. Create your own. Just make sure they are in the present tense, positive and based on solid truth.

TIP: If you want to drive these home faster and deeper, handwrite them daily.

This is the day the Lord has made and… 

i am glad in it!

i am Godfident!

i am God’s marvelous creation! 

i am bringing the joy! 

i am optimistic! 

i am looking up! 

i am renewing my positive attitude! 

i am smiling often 🙂

i am abiding in the Spirit ~

i am seeing good fruit growing in my life! 

i am squelching the negative! 

i am learning from temporary setbacks! 

i am tackling my problems by prayer & action

i am counting on God for He is my solution! 

i am greeting people enthusiastically! 

i am actively listening! 

i am communicating with my whole being (words, tone, face, eyes, smile, etc…)

i am striving for excellence! 

i am quick but not in a hurry! 

i am traveling at God’s speed ~

i am powered by Holy Ghost fuel! 

i am high on God! 

i am walking in the newness of life! 

i am wise by applying the proven old ways and principles!

i am alive! 

i am making the most of the present (for it’s a gift)! 

i am sensitive to Your perfect will in this fallen world! 

i am strengthened by hearing, believing, abiding, and obeying the Word of Truth! 

i am a ‘spirit of power + love + self control, not fearing mere men’! (2 Tim 1:7)

i am God’s own workmanship! (Eph 2:10)

i am in Christ Jesus doing good works! (Eph 2:10)

i am walking by faith, not mere sight! 

i am close to Thee! 

i am on key! (10 key)

i am URY → Up ^ Relaxed ~ Yes! 

i am HHT Happy Healthy and I feel Terrific!

i am 9FS Fruits of the Spirit bearing  (Love Joy Peace, Patience Kindness Goodness, Faithfulness Gentleness Self-control) 

i am SZ Shalom Zone  (with Peace + Prosperity upon me!) 

i am 5Q Quotients 4+1 (Intelligence, Emotion, Knowledge, Technology, + Spirit) 

i am 5*  Star PPIRR (Purposeful, Positive, Innovative, Responsive & Reliable) 

i am 5G Success Elements of G (Growing, Gritty, Graceful, Grateful, & Giving)

i am 5R Five Roles of hand (Christian, Friend, Husband, Father & Provider)

i am 5S NLP Senses (Seeing, Smelling, Tasting, Hearing, & Feeling)

i am Duality (+/- | x/÷) Dichotomy, Paradox, Antinomy

i am a charismatic conservative! 

i am routinely radical! 

i am walking straight yet around!

i am bold yet meek! 

i am strong yet flexible! 

i am free yet led! 

i am zealous yet balanced! 

i am faithful yet wise! 

i am bringing massive action yet plan diligently! 

i am endowed greatness yet humble! 

i am safe yet have a Holy fearful respect of the LORD! 

i am rejoicing! yet full of sorrow;(

i am successful yet challenged! 

i am Spirit filled yet in flesh! 

i am new yet old! 

i am more by being less!

i am not just surviving, or striving, i am thriving!


i am not 


i know the great I AM 


I am!

Yes, I am in contact with Jesus and His mighty power flows through me!

Yes, I am eternal.

I am spirit with soul with a body not merely ‘flesh and blood’

“May my meditation be sweet to Him; I will be glad in the Lord.”

Psalms 104:34