Top Ten qualities of a successful leader

Here is my Top Ten

  1. Be consistently present (all in)
  2. Ask lots of thoughtful questions
  3. Seek and apply the knowledge of your collective team
  4. Plan your work / work your plan…with strong effort
  5. Reward loyalty and innovation
  6. Be painfully authentic
  7. Always optimistic yet humble
  8. Maintain a positive attitude with a solution mind-set
  9. Seek win/win every time
  10. Focus on your purpose, the mission at hand, but be willing, if not eager, to pivot for better

Bonus. Forget perfection but never stop being your best.
Go for it! Ready, fire, aim!

It’s hard to come up and just list only 10 well 11 with the bonus but which ones would you replace for your style of leadership?

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