The Four Agreements

Check out this audio narrative my friend and co-worker Greg Keller did:

My Pondering

I dig 3.5 of these 4 agreements!

I totally embrace 1) using powerful words, 2) Don’t assume, not making assumptions (don’t want to make an ‘ass (of) u (and) me’, 3) always striving to do one’s best, then the next best thing while keeping the main thing the main thing.

4) My 1/2 issue NOT taking ‘anything’ personally and ‘being immune’ to opinions. It should say something like, ‘Don’t take anything ‘which is untrue, unfounded or unrealistic’ personally.

As a rule of thumb, we should ‘almost’ never say ‘never, always or anything’.

What if the other person’s opinion is true or helpful, shouldn’t we take it to heart and adjust accordingly?

Isn’t leadership about personally relating, helping and encouraging others?

How would that even possible if people put up their shields?

I like the saying, “If the shoe fits, wear it. If not, flip it off.

This quote sums up my intent succinctly:

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