The Spiritual areas of life are it’s , rather our person’s, core. It encompasses our essence for today and for evermore. God, who is spirit, made us in His image as stated in the Book of Genesis.

Our spirit and soul are built for eternity. Our body is temporary in our current form. We are spirits with a body. Our greatest challenges and victories are spiritual. We are told principalities, invisible power, in the heavens are where the ultimate things are happening.

We not only should be aware but engaged in this realm. We can do this as an outsider or insider; as foreign traveler or family member of the Triune Godhead, as revealed in the Holy Bible.

The spiritual areas of our life touch everything and everyone and are most essential so it is the core, the hub which the Circle of Life revolves around.

There are at least four key disciplines herein:

1) Bible Study

2) Prayer

3) Meditation

4) Worship