The four F-E-A-Rs of life

My Pondering

There are four fear of life, just as there are four types of love. People often confuse them. The four are:

False – Evidence – Appearing – Real

(See past lies to truth)

Contrary to modern popular thought, there is a real devil. His name is Lucifer, at least it was. Satan is the father of lies, deception and trickery. He is evil incarnate but he like a chameleon. He is alluring, sexy and powerful on the surface yet rotten, putrid and demeaning at his core. One moment of sinful pleasure leads to a world of forever hurt.

He duped Eve and complicit Adam. He fakes a lot of people out. Literally everyone at some point but not Jesus, thank God.

This type if FEAR is false. It’s fake. It’s not real; an illusion. We need to know the truth and punch through this type of FEAR. Positive affirmations overcome this kind of FEAR. Counting your blessings help overcome the stinking thinking. Don’t permit the devils thumb to keep you depressed.

Forget – Everything – And – Run

(Flee danger to safety)

This is a legitimate fear so that we don’t get hurt. Its about not to touching the hot stove, not running across the street without looking both ways, not disobeying your parents, not breaking the law. Flee from evil. Don’t place yourself into weakness and temptation. Think twice before speaking, think three times before doing.

It’s based on staying safe and plenty of NOTs. It also has plenty of to DO. Like being prepared. It’s practicing the 5p’s – Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Think first aid kits, security systems, locking the doors at night, getting home off the streets before midnight.

In a spiritual self sense, we are sheep for the slaughter against Satan and his demons – without our Spiritual armor, without the support of our angelic host, with the power of righteous fervent prayer and with the Word.

So flee temptation and avoid weaknesses inherent in your flesh. Know thyself. Sometimes the best way to avoid losing a battle, is to avoid it…especially when outgunned.

Face – Everything – And – Rise

(Stand up and fight, be brave!)

When God calls and equips, fight the good fate. Hate what He hates. Love the sinner but hate the sin. When your back is up against the wall, stand and fight.

This especially when we need to armor up and join your band of brothers. There are no Lone Rangers, for even he had his trusty horse Silver and his friend Tonto.

There is a time and place for everything. A time for peace and a time for war. Sometimes, just by couraging up, these FEARS flee and dissipate.

Bear in mind, our greatest power comes from our ally in Heaven. Our prominent power comes by prayer.

Forever – Enthralling – Awesome/And – Respectful


Last but far from least is Holy FEAR. This is the beginning of all wisdom as Solomon and his father David spoke of much. God is almighty and it is a dreadful thing for a sinful person to encounter the supremely righteousness and holy God.

As CS Lewis wrote in the Chronicle of Narnia regarding Aslon, the Lion character representing Christ the Lord, “He is not safe but He is good.”

God is forever holy, righteous and just. He will not be mocked…for long. He who laughs last, lasts best. God doesn’t laugh at our woeful predicaments but He does laugh at our defiant foolery.

God is enthralling. He us mysteriously remarkable. He encompasses all that is good.

He is awesome to no ends. Mighty in power and wit. God is utterly invincible and worthy of worship.

God deserves our respect and awe for not only what He has done, is doing and shall do but more so for who He is. The Holy of Holy; the great I AM.

This person deserves and demands our full obedience and respect. This is what a Holy FEAR is.


As we stay fixed and focused upon what is essential TRUTH, as we move from temptation to SAFETY, when we are a BRAVE lion heart, all the while acknowledging God in a RESPECTFUL manner overcoming the negative debilitating FEAR skying to the HOLY empowering FEAR Whose core is LOVE.

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