Interests, Needs and Strengths

I like this info pic a lot. Its so fundamental! Call me a fundamentalist 🙂 Fundamental on principle, flexible with preferences!

Its wise to always look internally to our innate desires, thoughts, passions, and areas of interest. If we do what we are gifted and called to, it makes a big difference. Yes, working for money is important but doing something with a BIG WHY that fulfills and excites you is much more important. If you do this, like the saying goes, ‘you will never work (the drudgery type) another day in your life.’

While it’s wise to do what we are passionate about that alone is insufficient. We need to see what true needs and wants the people can use; where is there a legit opportunity to serve?

In a successful business, considering the qualifications and understanding our target markets is essential. What is a true value based on the market? Be innovative but do not lose touch with reality and getting lost in your personal perspective is critical. Its not about YOU. What do THEY want?

And are you willing and able to pivot to deliver it?

As the founder of Galvanize Entrepreneurs and Rainmakers Tony Scelzo once said, “Market narrowly but sell broadly.” That’s solid advice.

Concurrently, what resources and strengths do you possess or are able to aquire to fufill the other parties desire? Make a list and prioritize. What can you sustain tsin while remaining aligned with your interests and their needs?

If you find yourself lacking, get busy. Yet keep in mind, the enemy of good is perfect. Be innovative but be willing to do what it takes to deliver an excellent rendering. Do what you are good at. Lean into your innate talent, your acquired skills and what you do best while shoring up and working with people who balance your weaknesses.

When you do the above; when you engage with your interests, fufill needs and play to your strengths you will be in the proverbial sweet ZONE; the eye of the hurricane; the center of fulfillment. The more you stay in the zone, the more successful you are.

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