Matthew 8:34

And behold, the whole city came out to meet Jesus. And when they saw Him, they begged Him to depart from their region.


Wow, real losers where these town folk. Maybe worse than the demons, for at least they recognized who Jesus was. Hopefully they realized the error of their decided rejection of Christ.

It’s interesting that even Jesus is rejected by many so why should we feel we need everyone’s approval when we are much less deserving?

It is also of note that in the Jewish society pigs were seen as dirty and Jews did not eat so these people were up to something no good and perhaps that is why they rejected Jesus?

Sometimes, not all times for sure, is rejection for our good. It’s a way of sorting.

Our daughter was once rejected by a couple neighborhood kids she wanted to play with. It hurt her but turned out best as one now identifies as boy and another has severe emotional issues. They wouldn’t have made good playmates.

With disernment, good friends, and time, we can understand when rejection is good and bad.

Christ-OS 2.0

The verse for today: “For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ all shall be made alive.” – 1 Corinthians 15:22.

If your brain was a computer, the operating system would be your mind. Our Creator, I-Am, made the first models perfect. But an enemy of I-Am uploaded a sin virus to our operating system. Every model since that time has been infected. Instead of initiating a total recall, I-Am provided a software update that fixes the sin virus. It’s called, Jesus, Our Salvation also known as Christ-OS 2.0. This new operating system is a free download from the Cloud.

You just have to admit that your current system is flawed and trust the I-Am by updating to the new system. I remind you, it’s free. Sadly, many people haven’t heard about the update. No one told them about it. Others know but believe their computer works just fine without Christ-OS 2.0. In fact, they enjoy some of the features of the sin virus and don’t want to give it up. What they don’t realize is that without the update, their system will eventually crash. All of their data will be lost. All of their life’s work will be destroyed. But those who update to the new OS, will not only get a better running computer now, they are also promised a brand new computer in the future that will never die.

If you’ve never updated to Christ-OS 2.0, open the Owner’s manual to Romans 10:9-10; 13 and read the uploading instructions.

If you have already updated your system, share this info with others who need the update before it’s too late.

Gary Varvel