Value Matrix

My Pondering

PRICE (Investment)

Is what things cost, their price. Generally, the better the Quality the higher the price.

QUALITY (Features and Benefits)

Is the reliability, features and performance of a product or service. Generally, the higher the price the better Quality.

SPEED (Time)

Is the time element it takes to complete a task or job. Generally, the more custom and further away, the higher the price. Packages and basic work can reduce the time, thus the price. We never sacrifice safety or a products core essence however features, form and delivery speed can be alter the time it takes.

Most people want the absolute best value including:

  • Lowest price
  • Fastest speed
  • Best Quality

As a service company, we certainly strive to hit the center of the mark delivering the absolute best value every day, every client. It is most certainly a challenge and some say impossible yet that is no excuse not to try our very best.

To increase the reliability of delivering what our clients expect, we recommend they pick their priorities. We strive to deliver all three but promise to deliver the top two (90% plus) and vow and guarantee to always deliver the primary (100%).


Custom is the work we do the most of. It takes the most skill and the longest time, so it’s the most expensive and comprehensive.


Packages are bundles which help reduce cost due their more limited, simpler installation and less ‘bells and whistles’.


Are simple projects with limited scopes.

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