My 5 L’s of a good LIFE review

In regard to L’s of Life review I suggest and regularly ask myself at the end of each day as I lay me down to sleep this:

“Today, what and how did I…


Pinky Finger

What did I experience today that was impactful, serendipitous or unusual?

Did I re-act like an animal or respond like a thoughtful being?


Index Finger

What was something noteworthy that I learned today?


Center Finger

How did I love love today?

Did I build bridges of grace that support the weight of truth?


Pointer Finger

What was quirky, funny and interesting today?


The thumb – leave a legacy…

What did I do to make an everlasting impact? What did I catalyze?

Take your pick, 1-5 or change – its your LIFE 😉

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