7 minutes with God

As inspired by the pamphlet by this name, I want to share it electronically – at least my version of it.

It was 1882 on the campus of Cambridge University that the world was first given the powerful slogan:

Remember the morning watch

It is a plan for busy people to begin their day, focused on alone on God, praying and reading scripture. The idea caught fire and lead to a “remarkable period of religious blessing”

But any habit is insufficient for this kind of plan if you do not have a true desire to meet your Maker. If you don’t have a zest, drive and curiosity to seek God, you really should strive for it. Pray for it. Pain for it. 

The morning time, the first fruits of the day is a fine time to commune with God as King David did and encourages us.

If we can spare no less than 7 minutes to seek God, we are fools.  7 is a divine number. One of its meanings is spiritual perfection or completeness. Covet this time to connect with God by whatever you call it: quiet time, personal devotion, morning watch or my favorite MAP (Mission Affirmation Prayer). These 7 vital minutes are holy if you approach them such; which if you don’t, don’t waste your time or God’s attention.

Including Moses, David, the prophet Amos, Jesus Christ to more moderns like David Livingstone, Rev. Billy Graham, and every person who became somebody for God has this at the core of his priorities: time alone with God!

I want to suggest that in order to get underway, you start with 7 minutes. And no matter what your day is like, you diligently carve our NO LESS than 7 minutes focused upon God each and every day as your first fruits. 

7 up to God

Are you willing to invest 7 quick minutes every morning?

Is that too much? I hope not. Of course, you will want to spend more time with God and that is more than fine of course but NO LESS THAN 7. Okay?

Are you wiling to pledge that right now? And stick to it, not for a week, a month a year but for whatever time God grants you here in the body you are in.

How? Here is an outline to get started. Make it YOURS for HIM!

1st – find some solitude, a quiet place.

2nd – invest the first bit of time preparing your heart, clearing your mind and refreshing your soul.

Clean your slate. Relax and breathe. In with the morning’s fresh grace and with praise and releasing your old man, your dirty flesh and air. Feel his grace washing your lungs and expel the grime of the fall.

Breath in and out 7 times.

Or do it BOX style.

1. INHALE grace and fresh air in from your nostils (up) and feel the breathe of God’s grace and growing closer to Him. Be filled with the Spirit.

2. HOLD (sideways to R) Imagine and visualize the breath collecting the dirt from your flesh from the lungs inward. God is scrubbing the sin and grime from last night and yesterday from your lungs and heart and all of your body extending out.

3. EXHALE. The old and you praise (releasing down and out).

4. REST (sideways to the Left) Be calm and feel His peace.

Then back to 1. IN. Do this 4 times. 4 x 16 seconds (4 sec per side – up, right, down, left), approximately 1 minute. I find it helpful to move my head in the box corners and along the path.

3rd – take 2 minutes to read, internalize and meditate upon a Scripture.

Suggest a scripture or the month, but can do also do a week, season or whatever time frameworks for you. Allow and expect the Word to strike fire in your heart. Meet and get to know the Author of life.

4th – Pray thru ACTS for 4 minutes (about a minute for each step)

A – ADORATION. This is the purest kind of prayer because it is all about God. We don’t barge into the presence of royality. We serve and are there at royalty’s pleasure. We begin with a proper salutation.  So we worship and express our love, reflect upon Greatness, respect His awesome power and marvel upon His all-encompassing omniscience and ultimate sovereignty!

C – CONFESSION. It is natural to fall flat on our face upon encountering the great One. Our sins are magnified in His presence. For in Romans 3:23 proclaims, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. Tell God what He already knows, not for His sake but yours. We are to confess our sins to our High Priest as in Hebrews 4:15, “For we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses…” The confession comes from the root meaning ‘to agree with’. We need to be aware of and come to a full reckoning with our sin, as much as that is possible. Remember our sins include both Commission and Ommission.

T – THANKSGIVING. Let’s express our gratitude as God so deserves. Think of all the blessings He graciously gives. Name a few of them. Let’s also be thankful for hardships for they test us and make us aware of and more dependent upon our Saviour. Our suffering draws us closer to Christ.  “In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you” – 1st Thessolonians 5:18

S – SUPPLICATION.  Means asking for earnestly and humbly. Last we make our petitions expressed. Ask, seek, and knock for others than yourself last. “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33 Pray for friends, family,  leaders & enemies. Pray for the world, country, local, your home, and your heart.

This is a simple guide. Very soon you will discover a draw to spend more and more time communicating and spending time with your God. Soon it may be 70 minutes. This should not a habit of routine but one of relating with our LORD. We talk about whom we love and want to spend our precious time with as well.

If you commit to doing spend no less than 7 minutes each morning. Please let me know. That way, we can encourage and testify to each other. And once you have done it 7 times, do tell.

7X x 30D x 12M x 1DECADE x 1LIFETIME = GLORY

One thought on “7 minutes with God

  1. NewHeavenOnEarth August 31, 2020 / 2:11 pm

    this is so good! when we get in the habit of having “coffee with Jesus” every morning first, it becomes the best part of every day, and giving all of our spirit and soul and body and life to Jesus, we are fed by His Word and watered by His Holy Spirit, and we find we enter into our innermost meeting place with God our Father and his Christ by the Holy Spirit and receive of God’s presence, glory, light, fire to dissolve the old and Holy Spirit to form the new in us, finding sometimes hours have passed by and it seems like one moment, other times led to intercede or do something God is asking us to do; sometimes just basking in the radiant glow of His Presence; learning to always abide in Christ, and receiving the River of Water of Life as an unending flow that sometimes leads us to unspeakable glory, but attempt anyway to put into words that may help someone else God is trying to reach, as we live in “conscious repentance [always turning away from darkness to light] and unconscious holiness” (Oswald Chambers) without our knowledge in the knowledge of God and his glory! all glory to God!

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