Personal Capacity

Whats your capacity?

From John Maxwell’s No Limits book

Energy Capacity—Your Ability to Push On Physically
Emotional Capacity—Your Ability to Manage Your Emotions
Thinking Capacity—Your Ability to Think Effectively
People Capacity—Your Ability to Build Relationships
Creative Capacity—Your Ability to See Options and Find Answers
Production Capacity—Your Ability to Accomplish Results
Leadership Capacity—Your Ability to Lift and Lead Others

Responsibility Capacity—Your Choice to Take Charge of Your Life
Character Capacity—Your Choices Based on Good Values
Abundance Capacity—Your Choice to Believe There Is More than Enough
Discipline Capacity—Your Choice to Focus Now and Follow Through
Intentionality Capacity—Your Choice to Deliberately Pursue Significance
Attitude Capacity—Your Choice to Be Positive Regardless of Circumstances
Risk Capacity—Your Choice to Get Out of Your Comfort
Spiritual Capacity—Your Choice to Strengthen Your Faith
Growth Capacity—Your Choice to Focus on How Far You Can Go
Partnership Capacity—Your Choice to Collaborate with Others

What is your best and worst of each category?

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