The Five Success Principles


If you don’t have a goal, how will you know if you get there?

This is our vision and mission clarified.

Goals include:

1. Objective Goals – minimums achieved or it’s a failure. This is decent.

2. Target Goals – this what we expect to do per plan. This is good.

3. Stretch Goals – this what we hope to earn if things go well. This is excellence and greatness.


How and when will we know when we achieve this goal?

What specifically are we aiming at? What is the precise target?


If not you, then who?

Every worthy, noble cause needs a champion. Someone who is ultimately responsible and empowered to achieve the goal. The leader and driver of cause.

Every leader needs a team. Yes, leadership starts and ends with self but with a cohesive TEAM then Together Everyone Achieves More.

If no one is following you, you really aren’t a leader.


Who is responsible?

Do they fully understand the goal?

Are they motivated and have a positive, solution-minded attitude?


“Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

Sun Tzu

Strategy consists of the big picture, long term plans to achieve your goals. It is the vision to success. It’s the satellite path to get you from point A to Z.

Effective strategy must align your core value, understanding your team and the missions SWOT, and connects daily activities to the overall goal.


What is my long term plan to achieve my goals?

What are my bullet point processes?


“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.”

Sun Tzu

Tactics are concrete finite steps toward accomplishing the strategy. Tactics consist of the small decisions, the ‘sure and steady’ work, the persistent activity which is vital and necessary to all grand and glorious achievement. It applies the strategic plans, it is selecting the best practices and proven methods, it is actually doing the next best thing – again and again.

Tactics must be decentralized. The tactician is an executor who uses his best judgement make the mission a success, to execute the strategy which will eventually achieve the goal.


Do I have definite timeline and list of next steps?

Do I have what I need but not cluttered with minutia?

Do I understand the overall strategy and regular 360 communication with to above, next and below me?


“Purpose directs passion and passion fuels purpose.”

Ronda Britton

The bigger your WHY the bigger you chance of success. As Dr Covey so well said, “Begin with the end in mind”. The end is your next goal but it also is best directed by your purpose. Having strong purpose is as essential as having a strong foundation for a building.


Is this what I am called and was created to do?

Does this endeavor make the world a better place?

Is my purpose aligned with my core values and worldview?

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