5 Greek words which describe ‘happiness’ eloquently

These words are intriguing and full of meaning.

Responsible for the birth of Western civilization, it seems only right that the Greeks would know a thing or two about true happiness. Money can’t buy happiness as modern-day Greeks are all too well aware so what is the secret to achieving the ideal state of mind?

Read on for 5 Greek words that will teach you what true happiness is.


Greek Happiness 01

Self-control: Almost. Moderation: Not quite. Deep awareness of one’s true self: Working on it. It seems I’ve got quite a way to go in achieving sophrosyne, or a healthy state of mind.

Greek Happiness 02

Find out what your nepenthe is and stockpile as much of it as you can. I’d like to think people find nepenthe in the laughter of children, a beautiful sunset or a random act of kindness but to be honest all I can think of is rum.


Greek Happiness 03

‘Human flourishing’ is the key here. In order to thrive and blossom as a person you have to ensure that you’re always growing, always learning new lessons, always changing.

Greek Happiness 04

This may be a somewhat cynical addition to the list but it’s got to help, hasn’t it? To see beauty in all things and experience a world more beautiful than the real world truly is must really lighten your mood.

Greek Happiness 05

Arcadia was the name of a real Greek province during antiquity. A land of unspoiled wilderness far from city life, Arcadia was the poetic ideal of a life lived in harmony with nature. Your own personal Arcadia may look very different to this but wherever your Garden of Eden may be and whatever it may look like, true happiness may be achieved by simply walking towards it.

Credit: http://wordables.com/greek-words/

It’s beautiful…

Every creature, every creation under heaven skies has an element of beauty.

How do we first see it, then look deep and lastly share it?

there is something beautiful

I think we must first know ugly to appreciate beauty to its maximum. That is probably why God put us on earth, full well knowing we would struggle. It is out of that struggle, out of the suck, out of the ugly that we may appreciate the love and beauty fuller with more exquisite color and bolder brightness.

I love these two songs:

It is so easy, a natural drift, to get stuck in a ditch. Just like weeds, it doesn’t take any effort for them to grow. With few exceptions, they are ugly. However, growing a flower or a garden takes work and a plan. So if we fall in the ditch, we only need to lookup.

Know this:

Where do you find and discover beauty?

How do you maintain a beautiful perspective?

The Bible is a great gift

The Holy Bible is a great gift to man. In this media-rich time, it is readily available. We are blessed if we each read it, study it then heed it.

Lincoln and the Bible

I can testify it is wonderful learning about:

  • Jesus Christ our Savior
  • Eternal Life
  • Philosophy
  • History
  • Morality / Manners
  • Character Development
  • Servant Leadership
  • Creation / Life
  • History & Future

And much, much more.

It is super simple yet incredibly complex. It can be understood by a youg child and bewilder an experienced scholar.

It the world’s #1 all-time never to be defeated ALL TIME BEST SELLER. Some have tried to ban it, burn it and ignore it….all at their own peril.