Choose wisely Jeremiah 21:8

Here is God sovereign duality, the ultimate parameters of our freewill; death or life. God’s love or absence.

His way or the devil’s.

The red blood of Jesus or the blue scorn of Satan.

God indeed set before us the ultimate choice. No choice is the wrong choice. Do yourself a magnificent favor; repent from your old self and believe upon Jesus for a new life, a new man.

Acts 9:31 ~ Duality

“And walking in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, they were multiplied.”
Acts 9:31b

The duality, the paradox, in life is intriguing and is in part what makes the word go around and it gives us a full spectrum of nature.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom as Kings David, Solomon and others taught us. The Holy fear of God is a real and healthy thing if we take head.

The comfort of the Holy Spirit is so sweet and reassuring. In this often hard and cold world, the Spirit is like a welcome soft and warm blanket, the ultimate comforter for His mercy and grace are fresh every morning.


STOP negative states of mind with FIRP

FIRP it:

Feel – the negative state, the stinking thinking 

Interrupt – the pattern, shake it out, clear mind 

Praise – God for this revealing and myself for actively programming my life. 

Replace – with something positive, real & good

Do 5-10x a day until habituated. 

Yes, Wait, No.

It seems very much pervasive to His will. Especially the NO part.

As a person of faith, this sentiment is essential to understanding and coping with life in general. It is what it is, even if we don’t understand it. That is all about abiding with God’s will, from my perspective and understanding of the Bible.