The one reason…

My Pondering

If you aren’t sure about Heaven and short on hope, call on Jesus and walk down the Romans Road. If I can possibly guide you as a dear soul once did I, that’s my duty and absolute honor.

If you are a believer already, and having some uncomfortable or uncontrollable issues, I suggest calling the emergency line and seeking help from a God fearing, Bible teaching church.

Apart from God, there is NOTHING we can DO to gain salvation…

…but with God we can DO these at least these four things which are essential to salvation:

1) 📖 Reading and hearing God’s Word, the Holy Bible, as your life depends on it because it certainly does.

Precious are the bearers who bring God’s word.

2) 🙏 Praying the Father’s will regarding salvation while eagerly waiting and seeking to hear Jesus’s knock at the door at your heart. Asking for others to pray and praying for others, especially once saved.

Sweet are the prayer’s of a righteous man.

3) 🎁 Receiving wholeheartedly the Gospel gift of Christ and cherishing His loving sacrifice on cross.

Critical was the precious blood 🩸 Christ shed on the cross and what amazing power of our loving Father who resurrected Jesus from the dead.

4) ♻️ Repenting earnestly from the curse of sin in humility while sincerely admitting our guilt and trespassing.

Realizing our self inflicted pain and renouncing our wayward heart is so endearing to God.

It’s not a magic formula, nor an advanced AI algorithm but from the Word of God. Of our self; it’s impossible but with Jesus Christ; it’s all possible.

God’s word says that the spirit may be willing but the flesh is weak. Come Spirit and guide us all.

“Spirits in the material world” sang The Police

There is no political solution
To our troubled evolution
Have no faith in constitution
There is no bloody revolution

We are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world

Our so-called leaders speak
With words they try to jail you
They subjugate the meek
But it’s the rhetoric of failure

We are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world

Where does the answer lie?
Living from day to day
If it’s something we can’t buy
There must be another way

We are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world

The Police

My Pondering

Yes indeed. We are spirits in the material world.

I am soul with a body. Souls are for forever. The question, actually 4, is why, who, where and how?

1. Why do you want, or not, to go there?

2. Who are you? More so, whose are you?

3. Where is there?

4. How do you get from here to there?

My answers

My answers may or may not be the same as yours but I hope you find some truth and value to them.

1. Why?

The BIG WHY is critical. Why? Being that we are spiritual, why did God create us in His image? The Bible tells us to have a relationship while magnifying His glory.

2. Who – Whose?

For me, it goes like this. My five-fold roles of my hand.

My #1 is being a Christian, a devout follower and believer of Jesus Christ. That’s keeping the main thing the main thing because He is the main One, the only One. Jesus is whose I am.

3. Where?

Where is where God is. Heaven is where. Once we pass through this fallen material portal, we will have arrived to our eternal destiny of paradise IF we are His own or the Holy Scriptures share that there is the other place where no one wants to go let alone stay forever and ever.

4. How?

Not by works, not by being better than the next guy or gal, not by ignoring the Bible, not by your birthright, parents or any thing short of Jesus.

Jesus is the how and the way! The good news of the gospel.

Yeah, we are spirit people in the material word. Now let’s make the most of it!

God won’t take you by force

My Pondering

God doesn’t need anyone or anything. Since He isn’t needy, He isn’t a relationship beggar or dictator. Yet, His love compels Him to give all He has.

The prodigal son is a fine example.

He doesn’t give people eternal life in Heaven by force. Jesus is relentlessly patient until the daylight runs out.

Revelation 3:20
“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and dine with him, and he with Me.”

It didn’t say, I am going to kick in the door and drag you screaming and kicking to that mansion and feast I made for you.

Yet, thankfully He often makes our oats salty. You know the old saying’that you can lead a horse to water and can’t make it drink…but you can by adding some salt makes him more thirsty’.

That is how God often uses providential circumstances and pain to get through to us. He did such for me. That I can testify to.

Time to Pray

Lord, we pray this reader hears Your knock and invites you in to his heart. Only You can complete us.

The Ultimate Transformation Promise

The believer of Christ’s promise is a mighty transformation into a new supernatural glorified body; from metaphoric earthly Caterpillar 🐛 to a heavenly Butterfly 🦋.

Check out this awesome promise of Scripture that Paul’s wonderful inspiration was recorded and shared for us.

The Order of Resurrection

20But now [as things really are] Christ has in fact been raised from the dead, [and He became] the first fruits [that is, the first to be resurrected with an incorruptible, immortal body, foreshadowing the resurrection] of those who have fallen asleep [in death]. 21For since [it was] by a man that death came [into the world], it is also by a Man that the resurrection of the dead has come. 22For just as [d]in Adam all die, so also [e]in Christ all will be made alive. 23But each in his own order: Christ the first fruits, then those who are Christ’s [own will be resurrected with incorruptible, immortal bodies] at His coming. 24After that comes the end (completion), when He hands over the kingdom to God the Father, after He has made inoperative and abolished every ruler and every authority and power. 25For Christ must reign [as King] until He has put all His enemies under His feet. 26The last enemy to be abolished and put to an end is death. 27For HE (the Father) HAS PUT ALL THINGS IN SUBJECTION UNDER HIS (Christ’s) FEET. But when He says, “All things have been put in subjection [under Christ],” it is clear that He (the Father) who put all things in subjection to Him (Christ) is excepted [since the Father is not in subjection to His own Son]. 28However, when all things are subjected to Him (Christ), then the Son Himself will also be subjected to the One (the Father) who put all things under Him, so that God may be all in all [manifesting His glory without any opposition, the supreme indwelling and controlling factor of life].

29Otherwise, what will those do who are being [f]baptized for the dead? If the dead are not raised at all, why are people even baptized for them? 30[For that matter] why are we [running such risks and putting ourselves] [g]in danger [nearly] every hour [if there is no resurrection]? 31I assure you, believers, by the pride which I have in you in [your union with] Christ Jesus our Lord, I die daily [I face death and die to self]. 32What good has it done me if, [merely] from a human point of view, I [h]fought with wild animals at Ephesus? If the dead are not raised [at all], LET US EAT AND DRINK [enjoying ourselves now], FOR TOMORROW WE DIE. 33Do not be deceived: [i]“Bad company corrupts good morals.” 34Be sober-minded [be sensible, wake up from your spiritual stupor] as you ought, and stop sinning; for some [of you] have no knowledge of God [you are disgracefully ignorant of Him, and ignore His truths]. I say this to your shame.
35But someone will say, “How are the dead raised? And with what kind of body will they come?” 36You fool! Every time you plant seed you sow something that does not come to life [germinating, springing up and growing] unless it first dies. 37The seed you sow is not the body (the plant) which it is going to become, but it is a bare seed, perhaps of wheat or some other grain. 38But God gives it a body just as He planned, and to each kind of seed a body of its own [is given]. 39All flesh is not the same. There is one kind for humans, another for animals, another for birds, and another for fish. 40There are also heavenly bodies [sun, moon and stars] and earthly bodies [humans, animals, and plants], but the glory and beauty of the heavenly is one kind, and the glory of the earthly is another. 41There is a glory and beauty of the sun, another glory of the moon, and yet another [distinctive] glory of the stars; and one star differs from another in glory and brilliance.

42So it is with the resurrection of the dead. The [human] body that is sown is perishable and mortal, it is raised imperishable and immortal. 43It is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory; it is sown in weakness, it is raised in strength; 44it is sown a natural body [mortal, suited to earth], it is raised a spiritual body [immortal, suited to heaven]. As surely as there is a physical body, there is also a spiritual body. 45So it is written [in Scripture], “The first MAN, Adam, BECAME A LIVING SOUL (an individual);” the last Adam (Christ) became a life-giving spirit [restoring the dead to life]. 46However, the spiritual [the immortal life] is not first, but the physical [the mortal life]; then the spiritual. 47The first man [Adam] is from the earth, earthy [made of dust]; the second Man [Christ, the Lord] is from heaven. 48As is the earthly man [the man of dust], so are those who are of earth; and as is the heavenly [Man], so are those who are of heaven. 49Just as we have borne the image of the earthly [the man of dust], [j]we will also bear the image of the heavenly [the Man of heaven].

The Mystery of Resurrection

50Now I say this, believers, that flesh and blood cannot inherit nor be part of the kingdom of God; nor does the perishable (mortal) inherit the imperishable (immortal). 51Listen very carefully, I tell you a mystery [a secret truth decreed by God and previously hidden, but now revealed]; we will not all sleep [in death], but we will all be [completely] changed [wondrously transformed], 52in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at [the sound of] the last trumpet call. For a trumpet will sound, and the dead [who believed in Christ] will be raised imperishable, and we will be [completely] changed [wondrously transformed]. 53For this perishable [part of us] must put on the imperishable [nature], and this mortal [part of us that is capable of dying] must put on immortality [which is freedom from death]. 54And when this perishable puts on the imperishable, and this mortal puts on immortality, then the Scripture will be fulfilled that says, “DEATH IS SWALLOWED UP in victory (vanquished forever). 55O DEATH, WHERE IS YOUR VICTORY? O DEATH, WHERE IS YOUR STING?” 56The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin [by which it brings death] is the law; 57but thanks be to God, who gives us the victory [as conquerors] through our Lord Jesus Christ.
58Therefore, my beloved brothers and sisters, be steadfast, immovable, always excelling in the work of the Lord [always doing your best and doing more than is needed], being continually aware that your labor [even to the point of exhaustion] in the Lord is not futile nor wasted [it is never without purpose].

1st Corinthians 15:20-59 AMP

My Pondering

I know that was was a somewhat lengthy passage but isn’t that awesome?

That is what everyone follower of Jesus has to look forward to. That is supernatural!

In the meantime, we are called to love God and love people. We love God by being faithful, trusting, obeying, abiding and glorifying Him by our thoughts, words. and deeds.

Let’s not neglect this verse:

19Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is within you, whom you have [received as a gift] from God, and that you are not your own [property]?

20You were bought with a price [you were actually purchased with the precious blood of Jesus and made His own].

So then, honor and glorify God with your body.

1st Corinthians 16:19-20 AMP

We are no doubt called to align our heads in accord with Biblical truth, passionately believe the promises of God and purpose to engage zealously with our whole bodies with our hands for His glory.

We will never be able to do that perfectly in our current flesh, our caterpillar like state prevents us from flying yet alone perfectly yet we are encouraged if not commanded zealously work, abide and rest into all of this, that and then some….until that glorious transformational day!

It IS a spiritual battle

We must recognize we are in a war. It’s a spiritual battle. Don’t you hear the battle cry?

In our culture we see this happening before our very eyes each day as we see the war on children, the family, and the gospel. It’s a war on God’s Word and ultimately a war against God.

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places”

Ephesians 6:12

In this ultimate battle, nobody is neutral.

The one not being with Me is against Me,
and the one not gathering with Me scatters.

Matthew 12:20 BSV

Rest assured, God’s going to win. That’s a done deal.

The question is why and who?

Why, I believe it is because in His sovereignty and ultimate awesomeness, He created us in His image with many unconditional qualities including free will. These characteristics allow us to have incredible talents and abilities like love, imagination, creativity and so forth but there is also a steep downside. God obviously thought the upside is worth it.

Ultimately, God wants ready and willing followers NOT to take people by force. By faith not by force is the way salvation works. Be thankful that He is long suffering and relentlessly patient. Yet, He will not be mocked or put up with treason or the non-committed. His human infantryman consist of invited volunteers. It’s a divine militia not a bunch of mercenaries nor by forced draft. He demands and deserve allegiance and obedience to the chain of command. Jesus is the rightful King, not you nor anyone else.

19 Those I love, I rebuke and discipline. Therefore be earnest and repent.

20 Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and dine with him, and he with Me.

Revelation 3:19-20 BSV

Isn’t it awesome that King Jesus eats and partakes with His soldiers?

I light of the aforementioned, who is for Him and who is against? He knows, do you?

Our victory is His, our victory is in, by and through Jesus Christ alone.

Again, if you are not with Him, you are against Him. Of course those are His words, not mine. It’s not my opinion, it’s the King of kings!

Whose are you? After all, the saying is correct, ‘Its not just what you know but who you know’.

If you aren’t in His army then by default you are on the other side’s. If you are not on active duty already, does it make sense for you to enlist on team Jesus today?

The bottom line is the greatest act of love is to give one’s life up for another. As we all know, Jesus did that up on that old rugged cross. Since you are alive, read John 3:16. If that resonates, read the whole book of John, then start at the beginning of the New Testament and read it, then the Old then keep on keeping on. Here is a link to a nice free Bible online.