An unexamined life…who, what, where and why exercise?

My Pondering

I present four questions for your pondering.

Who? What? Where? and most importantly Why?

1. Who do you love?

2. What do you live for?

3. Where do you live and move and have your being?

4. Why any and all of the above?

I challenge YOU to earnestly answer those questions. Begin with the end in mind….

4. Who is going to read your eulogy when (not if) you pass away?

3. Where will your funeral happen?

2. What will the people say?

1. Who will say it?

Upon completing that somewhat morbid but revealing exercise…

Write or revisit you life purpose, your manifesting destiny, based on who, what, where and why.

Break down your past, current and expectant future life in decades by answering those four who, what, where and why questions.












I promise you this, if you do that and revisit it regularly…you WILL be better off for it…and so will everyone, almost everyone, will be better too!

HDT was a grand ponderer. Thinking like these people gives us followers the opportunity to climb up and stand on the shoulders of giants, should you dare.

If an unexamined life isn’t worth living then a regularly examined life must be worthy. Correct?

PS…Don’t be shy and share yours and then I will share mine if you wish.

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