Life of Excellence (LoE); a faithful creed.

Life of Excellence; a faithful creed.

Today is the most important day in my ‘life of excellence’.

Yesterday with its successes and victories, struggles and failures is history.

The past has passed; water under the bridge. I cannot relive it; no going back.

I’ve ‘let go and let God’. Forward march!

Before my day, I pray.

While it’s day, I make hay, as I serve God and others. 

By the Golden Rule, others and God help me.

At its end, I pray.

I plan my work and work my plan.

Afterwards, I ponder my work. Rinse and repeat.

Yes, this very moment is a gift. 

Now is the present!

Tomorrow with all its joys and sorrows, triumphs and troubles, hasn’t arrived.

My guarantee of tomorrow is only in Heaven.

Therefore, I have ~ NO WORRIES ~ about the future 

for my God is already there. 

He for me and me for He.

Yes, today is my present.

Yes, I shall make the most of it.

Carpe’ diem!

With my allotted time, talent and treasure,

I vow to do my best for His glory,

my utmost for His highest.

I am bringing my best!

No more, no less.

My best is all that’s required.

My best character, my giftedness and my unique abilities— 

is what I bring to my family, friends, clients and associates.

I love God and I love others (even when I may not like them).

I am on key:

I am Up ^ , Relaxed ~ and feel Yes! (URY)

ALL I can do is ALL I can do

but ALL I can do is enough

(the good LORD willing and He is certainly good

…despite life being hard sometimes)

I am constantly and consistently,

identifying and prioritizing,

things and tasks,

most important and urgent,


I give and take the best. 

I delegate or leave the rest.

Of the important which I take on,

my focus is laser until done; 

done right or not begun.

I am pursuing perfection, knowing full well, I’ll never fully catch it, 

because the perfecting process produces excellence. 

Mediocrity is of no interest for I was created for multiplying abundance; 

for good works on purpose: this is a ‘life of excellence!’

I shall go to sleep in peace tonight…content and well. 

In the morning, the sun shall rise with new opportunities and fresh grace 

until that glorious day when I shall be with the Son.

~ Shalom ~

Kirk A Booher

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