Tension and Release

This past weekend, my youngest daughter graduate from High School. During the commencement ceremony, one of her classmates – Jake Wendell, delivered a fine speech – poem regarding life’s tensions and release.

Tension…release, tension…release, tension….

It resonated well with me as I have been pondering the cycles and nature of life for some time.

For an archer to launch an arrow, he must first pull back on the bow, thus creating tension. Then upon releasing the tension, the kinetic energy propels the arrow forward.

The following Sunday, our pastor at Harvest Church, Brian White used quite a similar analogy; 5 steps to good decision making, which I adopted, visualized, designed and manifested in the above graphic.

Upon creating and reflecting on the above, I thought about one of my favorite keys; U.R.Y. The keys are what performers use to prepare. Its what actors use to get into character. They are a form of visualization. Keys are only limited by your imagination. Whatever gets you going into the zone. They could be a favorite super hero, your younger self doing something great, a role in a key book or movie, whatever. URY works for me, as learned from a solid book I read and have listened to many times; Winning Moves by Ken Delmar,

UP – is about breathing in and filling your lungs up. You raise your posture, pull your shoulders up, stand tall, while rising up. The increase of air and rising up creates tension of sorts; an infilling,

RELAX – After being UP, we need need come down just a tad and relax. This is like ‘loosing the grip’. Our lung remain full for this brief moment. I feel the oxygen empowering my capillaries.

YES – Now its time to exhale, release, let it fly as we feel YES and positive whether its just a breathe exhale with a positive affirmation, a game winning shot, or asking for the sales order.

Our lives will include tension, stress, agitation, challenges, opportunities, dilemmas, set backs, set ups, and so forth.

The question is do we simply re-act on instinct or do we respond in controlled character of release?

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