God has hates, so should we

1) Haughty Eyes Puffed up pride. It is the original sin that caused Lucifer’s and Eve/Adam’s ousting from paradise. God loves a humble, contrite and reverent respectful fear of His well deserved and merited holiness and awesome power.

2) A lying tongue I think God was more upset with King David’s coverup lies that his actual affair because he attempted pretend to God like he was innocent, as his very bones waisted away. God knows it all anyhow, so who are you fooling when you lie? That’s why he said his sin was against God primarily. It is good for David he confessed his sin and repented when accused by Nathan.

Also, think how Satan lied and contorted the truth when duping Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. He is called the ‘father of lies’ for a reason.

3) Hands that shed innocent blood – Not any blood but specifically innocent blood. Killing isn’t necessary wrong but murder certainly is. It was inexcusable how David attempted to cover up his adulterous action with Bathsheba and had innocent and valiant Uriah killed.

Is not Abortion the quintessential example of this, for who could be more innocent and helpless than an pre-born child.

4) A wicked heart – yes, we all are prone to sin but we have a choice to make. Do we use our time for good or evil. The verse notes premeditation of evil plans and is why our law increases the penalty when there is the premeditation of crime.

The greatest example I can think of is how the Jews and Judas in particular connived to kill our LORD.

5) Feet that make haste to run to evil – again we all sin but God hates those who exercise a proclivity toward it. In fact, he was so disappointed that save Noah and his family, He wiped out a whole generation in the flood. He also did similarly over 40 years with the doubting idolatrous Jews after leaving Egypt.

Think about when the people of Sodom, the evil perverse ones, who wanted to have their deviant way with the pure angels who Lot had in his home.

6) A false witness – this violates commandment #9 of the #10 Commandments. It is similar to #2 herein. God demands fairness and partiality. He is a God of justice. Everything is being supernaturally recorded into His book of Life. He reads our hearts and knows our thoughts like an open book.

Think of Ananias and Sapphira who started to do a good thing but lied and gave false witness unto the Church of Acts.

7) Sowing discord among brothers – God wants unity in essentials and not dividers, rumor mongers and gossip gabbers. Anybody can complain, that’s easy and natural like how weeds grow. God loves the peacemaker and solution minded. The 2nd highest NT command according to Jesus is the opposite of ‘sowing discord’. Don’t you know what that is?

Yeah, loving other people, especially other Christians (brothers). This saying is tried and true: Unity in essentials, Grace in non-essentials. Love in all.

Satan surely thrives on subtraction and division by abusing money, race, sin, etc.

Thanks be unto God for His love exceed His hate. His Grace makes a way.

Without Christ, we would be hopeless. But it up to me and thee to simply believe upon Jesus redeeming work on the Cross. To accept Christ into our hearts as Lord and Savior.

If you would like any assistance in receiving Christ and understanding His plan for eternal life, it is my duty and privilege to assist you in that today.

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