My Personal Ethos

  1. Manifest destiny is favoring me as I am prepared in body, mind and spirit!
  2. I choose to work harder & smarter than required while being patient & serendipitous; harnessing the power of delayed gratification.
  3. I will ‘be nice’ and peaceful as possible with my fellow human beings; thus cultivating the Golden Rule.
  4. Leadership is a privilege, not a right, so it begins best with me. I must earn it in the arena of action while maintaining a positive, solution-oriented mental and balanced yet extreme emotional attitude.
  5. As a ‘happy warrior’, I will be the last to pick up the sword but shall fight ‘tooth & nail’ to protect my family, company, country, and myself when required.
  6. I am thriving in the present, resolving the past, and creating my ideal future today, commencing at this very moment!
  7. I find my peace and joy through seeking truth, wisdom, love (God). I am NOT seeking the artificial temporal by chasing cheap thrills, titles, money or fame.
  8. I am meaningfully and consistently improving myself, my team, and the world; in an impactful way, every blessed day!
  9. I understand life as a wonderful mess full of dichotomy, antinomy and paradox.
  10. I am created in God’s image and my primary life purpose is to glorify the triune Godhead by loving Him and His creation.

(Adapted from the Way of the Seal by Mark Divine)

I hope this inspires you to create your own as M Divine did for me.

If so, please share in the comments.

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