Achievement comes from using your God given gifts and being prepared… -Example of Pele

My Pondering

Pele was wonderful example of the dichotomy of being successful in life. His father helped encourage and identify his natural talent which was on loan from God but that isn’t enough to achieve let alone sustain success.

We need to apply what we have and know by being prepared and persistent. With that said and quite evident, this simple Achievement formula is true for all of us.

Talent x Effort = Achievement

The Achievement Formula

Talent = our God given natural abilities and gifts. Without God’s blessing, we have nothing. No time, no being, no nothing.

Effort = is the application of our desire, determination and discipline over time by acquiring skills to improve. It is mustering up the grit to grind. It is the will to succeed. It is having the persistence to overcome. It is using your wit to create and solve. It is learning knowledge, gaining experience and applying the wisdom to excel. Without sustaining and sufficient effort, none thing good, let alone great, will happen for long.

Achievement = is earning success. It is achieved excellence in an endeavor. There are a myriad of ways to achieve excellence yet there are principles which apply to all. It requires personal effort and providential blessing. The longer we have these two requirements, the longer we achieve.

Sport and life

I am so proud of my daughter who is a Junior in high school at a Christian School.

She is a shooting guard on the basketball team.

She was voted by her teamates as the
Eagle Award recipient.

“This person emodies our program by:


They bring 100% effort and a positive attitude to every practice. They always hustle, dive on the floor and do little things to help our team win.

They have a never give up attitude and never stop playing hard”

You know, the skills honed by playing sports and being a good teamate carry into a lifetime long after the game buzzer sounds.

She was a starter along side 4 seniors, 2 of which will be playing Div 1 and other two Div 2 in college next year. They kind of excluded her (in my opinion) but she kept resilient and never slowed her work ethic and hustle.

The precious coach kind of got in her head like ‘playing NOT to make a mistake’ which didn’t help her or the team. Unfortunately, they didn’t play up to their full potential. Great players win games. That was certainly true as they won many more than they lost.

But great teams win championships. This they did not do as they had lots of talent but often played like individuals. I think there is plenty applicable here to my business there and I own that myself.

My daughter has friend who wanted her to pickup up Lacrosse a few years ago. She agreed after some encouragement by my wife and good old peer pressure, which can be good or bad. In this case; good. And same friend invited her to a wonderful Christian youth group.

See, Audrey didn’t care for the ‘skorts’ (skirts/shorts) much. She is a bit of a tom-boy. Or better said, an empowered female!

Anyhow, she picked up the sport of Lacrosse. She pretty much plays basketball on the Lacrosse field and is kind of dominating. She is much more relaxed and natural in her play.

The head coach of this team is very encouraging and does a lot to build team unity. She is a fireball and the team has responded well. She has an couple of assistant coaches and they fulfill their roles very well.

So far in this season, they are undefeated and have beaten two 2A schools (they are1A, smaller enrollment) which they have never beaten in their school’s history! So that’s exciting.

It’s not the basketball coach is a bad coach but she is young and her first first year. The precious coach was a great tactical coach and had won like 7 state championships in like 10 years, so she feels a lot of pressure and that was sensed and put on the team.

The previous coach had a great reputation and attracted (and perhaps recruited) some great players and they had super success.

My daughter has attended the same private school since kindergarten and started playing basketball around that time. Unfortunately, they school didn’t really develop and work much with the younger girls since they had so much success in winning. The culture became more about winning than development.

Since the previous coach was up there in age and probably due to Covid with all the restrictions, he retired last year.

Next year my daughter will be a Senior and probably the captain of the basketball team. It will likely be a tough year with a lot less talent but time will tell.

She has drawn a lot of friendship, fitness and life lessons from sport, as did I.

Their team and school aims to glorify God. They pray after each came and invite the opposing teams to join them, which they have most of the time.

She has always had the goal of playing basketball in college but maybe it will be Lacrosse?

Proverbs 3:5-6
“Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.”

As believing business pros, we need to do the same.

Thanks to ALL the caring coaches out there!

Congratulations Audrey! (proud Papa moment)