Don’t make a bad exchange rather Decide, Commit, and Succeed. – Psalms 106:20

“They exchanged the glory of God
for the image of an ox that eats grass.”

Psalms 106:20

My Pondering:

What a travesty!

The people of Israel, just fresh off seeing God’s wonderous work and amazing miracles as God in Egypt by the 10 plagues, snake sticks and parting the Red sea, they traded God almighty for a lame cow. Obviously there was bit more to it than that like the lure of Satan and sin to have a drunk/drug orgy fest. The bottom line is they made a terrible decision. That is sometimes all it takes. In a moment of rage, weakness or temptation we can forfeit a true blessing and break a bridge of trust.

Look and observe.

Do not way too many people still do the same today?

False religions abound with their artificial cheap gods. Even so called non-religious people applying unfounded faith in evolution, Darwinism, big bag from nothingness and their great, great x100,000,000 daddy was some slimy ameba.

Is there not clear and obvious intelligent design in virtually everthing we enounter; the universe, atom, stars, dna, atmosphere, the eye, eagles, water, skin, starfish, etc, etc, etc? Yes. Does that in itself mean there is a designer and creator of all this? Yes. Yet, there are still 2 big hurdles 1) faith properly placed in Jesus 2) Repentance; turning away from self / sin and to God / righteousness. In the Bible, God tells us we humans left to our own accord prefer darkness rather than light. History no doubt has confirmed this over and over.

I wholely believe God loves love. For love to exist there must be a choice of not to love so He gave us free will to choose. At the same time, He retains His sovereignty. We all have to decide and a non decision is by default a NO. The simple but tough decision is YES. Today, tomorrow and forever. Yes God! Lets not backslide and hunker up to a lame ox.


I have decided to follow Jesus. It’s my decision. It’s the best decision I have ever made and ever shall. If you haven’t, step forward in faith. I decided to get married. That’s was another monumental one. Another solid J for me, for I married a wonderful lady named Jill. And I have decided to seek joy.

Decide to live for God’s glory.


If it’s a good and just decision, then I should and need and have to fully commit or its just a whim, a half-hearted nod. Full, 100 percent faith forward commitment. If I fail, I will fail falling forward.

Commit to a noble purpose based upon solid Biblical principles.


Once we make a good decision and fully commit to succeed on behalf of God’s glory and not some kind of ox, donkey-ass or selfish ambition, we can’t but help to succeed. Not because of our own grit and effort alone but for the purpose and propellant of God. His will will always prevail. Yes, will – will.

Succeed because that’s winners do and if God is for us, does it matter who is against us?

Let’s pray

Lord, I need You! We all need you. Help us to seek you and not your creation. Help us to worship You only and not something false, including self.

Your pondering matters too

Please share any comments, questions or thoughts you may have. None of us are as smart as all of us. TEAM Together Everyone Achieves More.

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