The Brain

A simplified view of brain function

The frontal lobe, located at the front of the brain, is responsible for decision-making and problem-solving. The temporal lobe, located on the sides of the brain, is involved in memory and language processing.

The parietal lobe, located at the top of the brain, is involved in sensory processing and spatial awareness. The occipital lobe, located at the back of the brain, is responsible for vision. The brain stem, located at the base of the brain, controls basic functions such as breathing and heart rate.

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My Pondering

If this is what the Simplified version looks like, just imagine what the Standard version yet alone the Advanced version might resemble?

Every day, 🌎 What keeps the planet spinning?

A friend asked this question.

My Pondering

Not only spinning but a precise:

Tilt to the sun
Distance from the sun
With a certain amount of atmosphere
With a certain amount of gravity
While pinning a certain speed
With certain temperature of the sun
With the other planets in their certain spots
With the atoms spinning yet certainly not colliding randomly

and so forth and so on are so many thing connected, dependent, and certainly intertwined that only and amazing Designer could create…and certainly sustain;

All everyday miracles!

How awesome is our God and this same God wants to know you and I personally

The God who created the whole universe from absolutely nothing other than His spoken word

Yeah, He knows everything thing about me and you and everyone past, present and future.

This God wants us to know Him, He desires a relationship with you and me.

Not only that, He desires that we partner with Him to share the Good News, to be His ambassador and spokesperson. His friend and servant.

He wants us to call him Abba, Daddy, and Father.


125 Reasons to believe in God

A friend shared this on Social Media. I must admit, I haven’t dug into ALL 125 but I read enough to want to share and store this on my blog. It’s fascinating work.

125 reasons to believe in God

Nature cannot be self-manifesting. It would have to have existed prior to its own self and have knowledge of itself to have created itself

There are really only 2 options: 1) God did it or 2) God didn’t do it. 2. If God didn’t do it, then there are two options. a) Nothing created the universe, or b) the universe is uncreated and had no beginning, but always existed. Nothing has no causal powers, and the universe cannot be eternal. That leaves only option 1. 

Many atheists believe in multiverses, abiogenesis, and macroevolution (from a Last Universal Common Ancestor to man) despite it can’t be observed. But disbelieve in God because he cannot be seen. Double standard much? Claiming that there is no evidence for God’s existence, doesn’t mean there isn’t. It just says about an atheist’s mindset.

If there is no creator, then all physical reality, everything, our universe, governed by the physical laws and adjusted to host life with unfathomable precision, life, conscious beings like us, and advanced civilization, is the most astounding miracle ever. A colossal, universal accident. What are the odds? That’s like looking at an AI robot and concluding that all that metal and plastic formed spontaneously first into functional subparts, and suddenly a program coming from nowhere directed its entire assemblage and jumped together to make an AI robot. Ha!!

There is no evidence of Gods existence. Really? 

1. The universe and biological systems appear designed. Therefore, most likely, they were designed. 
2. The universe is like a wind-up clock, winding down as if at one point it was fully wound up and has been winding down ever since. That means, it had a beginning, therefore a cause.  
3. Laws and rules of mathematics and physics are imprinted in the universe, which obeys them. The fundamental physical constants, the universe, and the earth are finely tuned to permit life. Hundreds, if not thousands of constants must be just right. Who/what finely adjusted these parameters to permit life? 
4. Cells ARE literally factories. Biological cells ARE an industrial park of millions of interconnected complex factories, full of machines, production lines, computers, energy turbines, etc. 
5. Cell factories have a codified description of themselves in digital form stored in genes and have the machinery to process that information through transcription and translation into an identical representation in analog 3D form, the physical ‘reality’ of that description. 
6. DNA has the highest storage density known, stores the blueprint of life, has information encoding, transmission, and decoding, and translation machinery. 
7. Humans are moral beings, and have conscious intelligent minds, able to communicate, use language, and objective logic. Morals, the mind, information, and logic, are non-material, non-physical entities.  

If all these things seem designed, why is it not plausible, probable, possible, and the best rational explanation to infer that injecting energy, implementing rules based on math, fine-tuning, creating blueprints, and upon these, machines and factories, information storage, encoding, transmission, decoding, translation, languages and codes, consciousness, intelligence, languages, and logic are caused and created by a superintelligent, eternal, powerful conscious mind?

Something cannot come from nothing. Energy cannot come from non-energy. Instructional assembly information cannot come from unguided random events. Life cannot come from non-life. Order cannot come from disorder. Consciousness cannot come from non-consciousness. Intelligence cannot come from non-intelligence. The Personal cannot come from the impersonal. Matter cannot start comprehending math, calculus, language, using the laws of logic. Morality cannot come from matter. Since all above things exist in the universe, there must be a being, that is powerful, living, orderly, conscious, intelligent, personal, and moral, which created all those things. Since that being is eternal, non-created, we can call it: I AM.

So here it is: LINK Keep digging and the 125 are there, promise.

God helps…

My Pondering

A good ‘online’ friend of mine, David, suggested this statement which is often attributed to Benjamin Franklin isn’t Biblical.

Which, if we think our success comes apart from God, I must agree because the Bible says, ‘In Him, we live and move and have our being’ – that is IF you are a living Christian.

So Dave stated and shared this article with me.

It took me a year, but I read this article which was decent. I think what Franklin was saying is that our relationship, our excellence in requires our taking action. It is simply a principle God created to govern the universe. To accomplish any good, we must begin. We must take action, as a believer or not.

It would be better theologically if there was this tag added as a suffix like one pf these…

“God helps those who help themselves …

… (1) when we please His Providence first.”

… (2) most by living to glorify our Creator.”

…(3) when we love, have faith and trust in Him will all our being.”

…(4) when we fight the good fight of faith.”

…(5) as the good investors of talents returned a handsome investment.”

…(6) when our attitudes are positive and our actions are in sync with our created purpose.”

I see it in the light of this Scripture:

Meaning, we begin to help ourself best by exercising our faith and will by trusting in God. No doubt we help ourselves (and others best) with God than solo. Without God’s blessing, we are taught that we can do NOTHING eternal, nothing spiritual.

If you agree, which one(s) do you like the best (1-6)?

I encourage to write your own.

And if not, why not?

All sincere comments welcome 😉