How we treat the most innocent and helpless in our Country, State and Local community speaks louder than empty words like, “It my body, my choice”. Sorry, humans don’t have two heartbeats and unique DNA. How about paying attention to science instead of convenience.

What do you say #EricHolcomb #ToddHuston and the rest of our Indiana Legislature

The death rate from the China virus .001 on a Navy ship

“Last summer, the USS Theodore Roosevelt suffered from a COVID-19 outbreak that infected one-fifth of its 4,800 crew, resulting in one death”

According to this article:

USS Theodore Roosevelt

Of course every person’s life is valuable but did YOU read that quote?

1 of 4,800

So that is a isolated segment of people without the convoluted mess of the press and politics.

Just doing a bit of math, 4,800 / 1 = .0002 death rate in a rather controlled environment. Of those found to be infected, 20%, = .001.

Either way, not bad odds compared with the fragility of physical life.

Yes, older people are more susceptible.
Yes, death stinks.
Yes, its a nasty virus
Yes, so is cancer, heart disease, diabetis, influenza, phenomena, meningitis, malaria, polio, and every other disease and cause of death.

What am I missing?

500,000 deaths reported from the China Virus AKA Corona Covid-19 Deaths?

Shouldn’t there a distinguishment between dying FROM the China Virus AKA Corona Covid-19 verse WITH it?

I am not a doctor or scientist but it sure seems like they are inflating the numbers and not distinguishing the difference.

Every death and person matters but it sure seems fishy.

500,000 deaths, huh?

I am curious to see if the overall death numbers between 2019 and 2020 when the CDC discloses them.

Will there be an additional 500,000 deaths net from total population changes?

Co-creators rule!

When you connect your talents, purpose and passion great things happen. At least so I am told 😉
I’m actually feel in the Zone somewhat frequently.

Our worldview is so important because if we are askew with that, it affects everything.

I love this info-pic and the concept of co-creating with God in the universe.

What say YOU?