#1 Cause for deaths in the United States (and the whole wide World)

7 yrs old since this post was made…pre-Covid but we arent talking cases or people who got ‘the vid’ and recovered but actual deaths of pre-born babies…but hey, lets lock down the world for a bug that 99% of people recover from and so many just wish to ignore the heart beating fetuses that will never see the light of day. 1,600,000 death just in America!

How can anyone is living, whose mother birthed her, deny the same for another…especially for convenience or career sake, like 99% percent of the time.

You know what should be locked down.

Some say, “My body, my choice”…when that other body living in your womb has different DNA, it’s not YOUR body. That’s science; scientific truth!

Some say, “You are a man, you have no right to make laws like this”…while men made laws to protect women from rape, assault, murder, etc. That just law protecting the innocent…let alone millions of pro-life women.

It has been rightly said, ‘You can tell a lot about a society in how they treat the most vulnerable’. Can their be anyone more vunerable and more innocent than a pre-baby?

When a heart beats, there is life!

All life is precious until it isn’t.

Stop playing God and let nature be.

P.S. You don’t need me to write this but I shall anyhow; God forgives those who ask for it 100%.

P.S.S. Let’s live, love and learn!

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Doctor, doctor give me the news… Evolution?

Hey, if you are a Creationist…I encourage YOU to do this:

Next time you go to the Dr 👩‍⚕️ ask him/her if they believe in evolution?

Then if you are up to it, ask them to ‘splain it.

If he/she says we are cosmic accidents evolving from slime or a slug of sorts, LEAVE and find a Doctore that believes ‘We are wonderfully made by a loving Creator’

WARNING: Unless your are dying or its merely a medical ‘procedure’.

Sleep tracking

Sleep is an important aspect of health. So here is what I do to track it. My recipe:

Need: 1) iWatch 2) Autosleep app 3) iPhone

Install Autosleep app them let it run. I take off my watch when I go to bed and place on the charging cradle. That starts the sleep time. When I wake up and arise, I place back on my wrist. The rest is automatic.

If you want more details, leave on while sleeping (just need to find a time to charge the watch).

Weekly, I record it along with other key factors onto a google form. Boom!

Lastly, as you dose off to LaLa land. I like to ask myself 3 L’s. How did I Live, Love and leave a Legacy?

And then in the morning I say, “Rise and Shine and live for God’s glory”

Vaccine questions

So why MUST everyone, in particular healthy people and/or those who have natural antibodies, be vaccinated and even bribed?

What about the science?
Doesn’t the data matter?
Are not the Covid vaccines still experimental?
What about ‘my body, my choice’?

(To the NSA and DNC, just asking hypothetically for a friend as these stats are hard to refute and darn low.)