Worthy are You, our Lord and God… Revelation 4:11

Keep in mind that believing in God’s sovereignty does not mean you believe He causes everything in your life. Rather, it means that God either causes or allows everything in your life. And if He allows it, He can use it.

Trusting in His sovereignty means trusting that He can cause everything to work for your good—even the confusing and hurtful things—if you choose to love Him and respond to Him in the calling of your destiny.

You are not a mistake.

You were made on purpose for a purpose.

Embrace that truth and start living in light of it.

Tony Evans, Called for a Purpose

Think on this. If God is awesome, which He most certainly is, and He created you, as He did all humans in His very image (See Genesis), what creation, ID and potential do each of us have with this revealed truth?

Virtually Unlimited!

See Matthew 6:33

“Surely God would not have created such a being as man, with an ability to grasp the infinite, to exist only for a day! No, no, man was made for immortality.”

– Abraham Lincoln

In the beginning… Genesis 1:1


The rest is history,

We are no accident. We are creation from a most intelligent designer. This designer is not nor could not be a physical being of this world. God is Spirit from outside our cosmos. He in His beautiful marvelous Trinity nature of Father, Son and Spirit is not constrained by the three dimensions we are; time, space and matter.

I hope you ponder this grand story and know this awesome Creator love you and I. He desires a relationship with YOU and I. Is that not mind blowing?

Ponder that. Embrace Jesus!

Pondering Psalms 33:9

“For He spoke, and it came to be;

He commanded, and it stood firm.”

Psalms 33:9

My take: This is WHAT seperates the God of the Bible from the gods and and everyone else. This WHY He (not…it) is deserving of worship, praise and glory. This passage tells us HOW; He simply spoke existence into being from nothing! If you want to call that the ‘big bang’, fine but it was no accident and didn’t take billions upon billions of randomness to happen. God said, ‘let it be’ and BOOM! Its amazing and thus He is even more so. Its incredible how gravity keep the planets in their places. How atoms don’t randomly split apart for God, the One who loves you and I, commanded it so and to this day, they all hold firm. Because of the gross sin, God was forced to wipe the 1st act of people away save Noah and 7. In the book of Revelation, we read He will need do it again with fire. Maybe atomic, maybe not. Regardless, I sure hope to be out of this place.

My prayer: Creator of all, You are amazing and You created it all, including me. Help me to rise and shine and give You the glory You so richly deserve.

Co-creators rule!

When you connect your talents, purpose and passion great things happen. At least so I am told 😉
I’m actually feel in the Zone somewhat frequently.

Our worldview is so important because if we are askew with that, it affects everything.

I love this info-pic and the concept of co-creating with God in the universe.

What say YOU?

He drew – Job 26:10

Long before ‘scientific’ man figured out the earth was a sphere, God knew. And He told Job and he told us.

God has spoken many other truths in His divine Word which many a modern man refutes and all too often prefers to ignore. We are free to make most of decisions but few of the consequences.

Let’s marvel at His wonders and be in awe of our Creator.

Pondering Psalms 24:1b

“The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof,
the world and those who dwell therein,”
Psalms 24:1b

My take: When you look out to nature, the sky, seas, rivers, creatures, stars, sun in its rise and set, rainbows, and the universe what do you see?

Accidental matter or a magnificent creation?

If you just see matter, there is some much you are missing. If you see creation, should we not be inspired to humility, worship, and awe of the being who made this something full out of ( ). Now that is POWER! Wondering working power!

My prayer: Lord, help me respect Your creation and see a glimpse of You in the fullness of Your creation this and every day.

My watch creation

Quick thought experiment.

Lets say you are walking along a beach and find a fine watch, full of handy apps, gps, bluetooth, gyro, sensors, etc and then your next words are, “wow, look what the sea washed ashore all on its own”…”wow, the salt water and sand are really incredible to have rolled around for billions of years to have made this fine watch. Lucky me”.

No sir, Apple made the watch with talent on loan from God, wether they realize it or not.

To have a creation, there must be an intelligent Creator. Human beings and the whole universe, last I checked where a tad bit more complex than my nifty watch.

Thank God He is so patient with us.

God is not just awe-some, He is awe-all. Get right with Him!