Clenched Fist, Slack Hand or Cupped Palm?

My Pondering

In life, we have an amount of time, talent and treasure. A certain is gifted by Providence and a certain amount we gain or lose by our skill, and effort.

I think #3 is usually best, but when it come to someone or something is challenging my core values or there is a time to fight, #1 for sure. When dealing with negative toxic people, I am choosing #2.

1) The Clenched Fist

This is the natural reaction for most folks. To hold tight to what they got, even if it’s a little. The biggest problem with this tactic is you can’t gain with this position.

2) The Slack Hand

The issue issue with being a slacker is quite obvious. As a mature, capable adult, you are a bumb in this mode being dependent on other people for your sustenance.

3) The Cupped Palm

Hopefully, you have realize this is the optimum style. In this mode, you can continue to get, save, and give. After all, givers gain most!

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