Traveling life’s roads by God’s way

My Pondering

First, we are wise to understand there are two basic ways to be taught; the better, easier way or the abrasive hard way. God is going to teach us life’s lessons either way. After all, life can be brutally hard and sharp at times but God is good and patient…though even He has His limits.

Next, we do ourselves a huge benefit when we decide and commit to be a willing, eager student. God cares and wants to assist us. We simply need to humble ourselves and heed Him. We ought to learn the good way from God (the Bible, nature, other people’s successes and mistakes, quality teachers, good books, etc) vs the hard way (pain of hurt, pain of regret, selfishness, errant pride, false teachers, lies, discord, humanism). Yes, His spirit is good and sweet (See the fruit of the Spirit here).

Lastly, we need to go forth and trust God.

As we venture out with the right motivation, purpose and desire God is with us. He Spirit guides us when we pay attention, when we seek His will and pray for providence. Somethings, most difficult things I reckon, are beyond our capacity and comprehension. So that’s when, actually 24/7, we need to use our noggins but lean on God.

Then, He will direct us in numerous ways as He see fit.

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