Why does God allow suffering in the world?

My Pondering

That’s a great question. It’s a toughy.

I believe it stems from the consequences of free will as we live in a sin laden world. This inevitably causes us pain which prompts us to seek a higher power. Our suffering prevents our being too complacent in our puffed-up prideful ego of self.

As we humble ourself, God is endeared and prompts us to respond to His love, thus we believers are grateful. He is then glorified all the more, as He should.

God Himself experienced the ultimate suffering on the cross. He suffered physically a terrible painful death. But immeasurably worse was the spiritual suffering as the sin of all mankind was laid upon Jesus as the Father removed His divine presence and tore apart the unity of the trinity between the Godhead for a moment. That’s incredible. Incredible love. Imagine that. Watch out the Passion of the Christ movie.

That’s what my God did for me and you. That’s why Jesus deserves praise forever more.