Troop Zero

Kirk’s Review:

It was an sporadically funny, off beat comedy to the last part...then it became a shooting star!

What I really enjoyed about this show was its authenticity and the young girls focus into outer space along with her willingness to be creative and pivot to get what she wanted, and that is the best part even though things didn’t work out as she had hoped it all worked out well.

Says a lot about how teams and people should not try to copy each other and be the same but rather to highlight and utilize their God-given talent to its maximum.

I give it 4 of 5 stars and certainly worth a watch, enjoy and learn.

Growing up in the 70’s, it as also a blast from the past.

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4 step outline to great story telling, preaching and selling.

Start slow, Go low, Rise higher, Catch fire!

1. Start slow (slow pace, soft, building rapport, overview… prior to ruminate, pray, prepare but start soon enough)

2. Go low (basics, simple, relatable, rich and deep storyline)

3. Rise higher (build pace, encouraging, great challenge)

4. Catch fire (fervant emotion, climax, hot white, victory)