Habakuk 3 – a modern Christian businessman’s reflective pondering

My Pondering

I have been there and done that! Definitely been low on funds and high on responsibility.

Thankfully, I am higher up on the hill but far from the mountain top.

Has a small but mighty businessman, I have come to trust God, in His providence and guidance. Not that life will always be ‘roses and calorie lollipops’ but that God is with and for me. James 4:8 speaks to my, to your, to our responsibility:

Draw near to God
and He will draw near to you.

James 4:8

James also give us businessmen another valuable nugget of wisdom in that we shouldn’t say, “We will do this or that but we will if the LORD wills.” Yes, we must initiate – better yet: respond to God’s opportunity revealed, give it our very best and trust the results to His providence. Proverbs speak often to this. Paul in Romans said is so well in Romans 8:28. If you yet to have that one memorized, internalized and tattooed upon your heart, there is no time like the present.

Look it up and keep it up!

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