God is in control…of what He wants

My Pondering

Yes 🙌 indeed! He can and does control whatever He wants, or doesn’t want to, for He God almighty!

Genesis states we were created in His image. He breathed His very life into us. We are endowed with many of His attributes (understanding, imagination, creative, emotion, ability to design, sense of purpose, morals, etc). We were created for a purpose which includes maximizing His gifts by being a good steward. This glorifies our Creator as we do so trusting, obeying and loving God in relationship. Since the best and only eternal way we can access God the Father is by Jesus Christ His Son by help of comforting and guiding Spirit.

He is like, ‘here is rope, do something good with it.’

Some use their rope to tug a boat, save someone or for an adventure.

Others make a hammock

And some poor souls inadvertently make noose to hang themselves.

Regardless of our method or madness, His will still gets His will done in the long run.

So if you find yourself at the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and call out to God, to Jesus Christ for a rescue. He never fails the faithful.

That is something only God can do, for sure!

Just like making something from nothing, only God!

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