Plough deep… Benjamin Franklin

My Pondering

Here is some classic advice to some ‘modern’ thinking people who value leisure over accomplishment.

Yes, all work and no play is dull. Yes, you can work too much where the productivity and quality declines to sub par levels. Yes, there is balance to life. But there is also something hard work and all out effort ensures; that’s accomplishment.

There is a trend that’s starting to infiltrate into America from Europe; the four day work week. They want to get paid the same for 20% less work.

You work 4 days a week (32 hrs) and I will work double that (60 hrs) and lets see you get more work completed. It won’t be close. Keep up that little output for an extended period and see who gets left in the dust.

Here is a fantastic quote from the GOAT of basketball:

The person who gives the most sustained effort is less likely to fail and more likely to win and become successful.

Yes, work smart.

Yes, work hard.

And double yes when you work smart and hard.

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