Achievement comes from using your God given gifts and being prepared… -Example of Pele

My Pondering

Pele was wonderful example of the dichotomy of being successful in life. His father helped encourage and identify his natural talent which was on loan from God but that isn’t enough to achieve let alone sustain success.

We need to apply what we have and know by being prepared and persistent. With that said and quite evident, this simple Achievement formula is true for all of us.

Talent x Effort = Achievement

The Achievement Formula

Talent = our God given natural abilities and gifts. Without God’s blessing, we have nothing. No time, no being, no nothing.

Effort = is the application of our desire, determination and discipline over time by acquiring skills to improve. It is mustering up the grit to grind. It is the will to succeed. It is having the persistence to overcome. It is using your wit to create and solve. It is learning knowledge, gaining experience and applying the wisdom to excel. Without sustaining and sufficient effort, none thing good, let alone great, will happen for long.

Achievement = is earning success. It is achieved excellence in an endeavor. There are a myriad of ways to achieve excellence yet there are principles which apply to all. It requires personal effort and providential blessing. The longer we have these two requirements, the longer we achieve.

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