Never confuse… Benjamin Franklin

Never confuse motion with action.
– Benjamin Franklin

My Pondering:

What’s the difference between one of motion and the other of action?

One is shuffling papers. The other is putting the papers to work.

One is a busybody. The other is a person who accomplishes a lot.

One is a person of gab and gossip. The other is strategy and corrections.

One is of lofty dreams. The other is building foundations under their dreams.

One is rarely wrong because they are do littles. The other makes their share of mistakes because they are more concerned with accomplishment.

One is fixated on what comes his way. The other is focused on the prize.

One gets easily lost in the whirlwind of busyness. The other finds what matters most and does it. If it doesn’t matter most – he deletes, delegates, or defers it to his ToDo list.

One is consumed with things happening to him. The other is mostly happening to things.

One is inundated with non-essentials. The other prioritizes essentials.

One is easily distracted with current events. The other has a BIG WHY and this powers his discipline.

One lets clutter randomly fill his day. The other time blocks key things on his calendar.

One is working to pass time for leisure’s sake. The other seeks to maximize time for productivity’s sake.

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