By Faith – Romans 1:17

“The just shall live by faith.”

Romans 1:17

This verse triggered Martin Luther to leave a works based doctrine to one where faith reigns supreme. Nonetheless, faiths outputs are good works, good fruit.

Faith is only as good as to what’s behind it.

What, or whom, is behind yours?

Ponder this:

If aren’t exercising your God given faith, it’s a warning sign.
Read and re-read this powerful verse, if you will.

Catch that: LIVE BY. In a society where we have learned a lot about the world ESSENTIAL we discover and confirm the word FAITH is ultra essential to being JUST (aka justified, deemeed righteous or imputed with Christ-likeness).

This little passage is mighty! There is power in it IF

PS… Self, other people, good works, noble intentions, human heroes are all insufficient as the Bible reports (and yes, it is inspired Word of God… I know that a trippy thought but it is… and faith is its active ingredient as yeast is to bread).

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