Pondering Psalms 38:20

“Those who render me evil for good

accuse me because I follow after good.”

Psalms 38:20

My take: King David would know. Many of his words must have been inspired for two reasons: 1) They are recording in the Bible for our blessing 2) Jesus spoke many of then.

Other than David, who was more unabashed and ultra successful in the name of God (think of his huge conquest over Goliath as a teenager), perhaps only Jesus would have greater cause to utter these words. Jesus spoke of this very concept. He reassured us that if we are accursed because of Him, our reward in Heaven shall be great. There is no doubt a wordly pull to rest and hide. It is easy to ignore Christ because He doesn’t force His will and thrust us into the public as a lesser leader would. No, He is not vain. Yet, He appeals to a more noble and higher calling; that of love. If you are a believer then bottom line; greater is He that is in you, than is the world. In the name of love, are you willing to follow after good, after Jesus?

With the Cancel Culture in increasing effect, this passage is resonating more and more from where I sit here in America.

God, Thank You for being so patient, kind and long suffering. And vengeance is Yours first and foremost.

My prayer: Oh LORD, You most of all know my long list of short comings and missed opportunities. You know the times I have coward instead of courage. Lead me and help me see and live up to the BIG picture, to make eternal investments rather than settling for the ‘here and now’.

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