We love Him

This thing, love, is the core of God’s being.

You know, the first two commandments, not suggestions, which Jesus proclaimed that fulfilled ALL the law, don’t you?

Yes, love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, which is #1.

And #2, love your neighbor, you know other people in your life, love them as yourself. Simple. Not necessarily easy, actually impossible without divine supernatural assistance. That’s why we need to love God first.

Mark Twain wrote,

“It ain’t the parts of the Bible that I can’t understand that bother me, it’s the parts that I do understand.”

Like love they neighbor, right?

Let’s bear in mind, without God first loving us, without Jesus’s work on the cross, without the Gospel invitation we would all be lost for eternity due to our inheritance from our original parents; Adam and Eve. The wicked virus we know as Sin puts Covid to shame. It’s curse is way worse. It effects everyone for eternity save the cure from our Savior’s precious blood.

That’s why Christmas is such a big holiday. That’s why our whole calendar revolves around Jesus. Many people love and appreciate Him. Do you? Like BIG time?

I am persuaded that God created free will, that He made us in His image with faculties like no other of His wonderful vast and awesome creation, so that we would have the capacity to greatly experience God and deeply love Him. It all about relationship, choice and response as this powerful little Scripture enlightens us to.

Probably the most popular verse in the whole Bible speaks succinctly to this as well.

You know, John 3:16 right?

Right! (By all means, if you don’t have John 3:16 well memorized, stop now and look it up. Engrain it!)

So lets get off loving ourselves so much and get onto loving God and others (writing to me foremost).

Loving ourselves is natural. Loving God and others is supernatural!

All lives matter

It getting starting to go off the deep end.

Revisionist censorship…what happened to ‘if you don’t like, dont watch or buy it’…like they (the extreme left) want to ram all their agenda down out throats.

Enough already. It is what it was in regard to history. If we don’t learn from it, what?

Yeah, we are bound to repeat it.

I am disappointed about a lot of things our society / country has done but I am convinced this is still the greatest country in the world and worth support her principles and understanding her history, warts and all.

We are at war, a cultural one for sure.

Snowflakes go melt.

BLM. ALL lives matter. And since YOUR life matters, make something of it, lead positive changes starting with YOURSELF and STOP shaming, bullying, and creating havoc. What many are doing is NOT peacefully protesting.

Indeed your life matters and were created for a fine purpose. We all were. That being the case, something about it that’s positive. There are plenty fine examples.

Stupid people get stupid prizes whether they be hate filled cops or drug filled thieves.

It really is not a black vs white thing, its a right vs wrong.

BLM does matter. #1 on that list are not hate filled white cops but abortion and planned parenthood. So let’s stop both.
Abortion kills tons more blacks each and every day than all the bad cops in a year combined. Think about that.

Since black lives matter so much then stop committing so much crime, particularly black on black.
Do you know the 2018 stats from the FBI/Justice department shows the male black population commits 44% of ALL the violent crime in America but makes up only 14% of the population. That isnt due to bad cops but bad ‘stinken thinken’.

Hate, stealing and rioting are all wrong. Can we agree on that?

Do the crime, do the time. What goes around, comes around.

I am NOT for white privilege but American privilege. Our diversity is our strength. Let’s not the polar extremist tear us up.
Its wasn’t fair African-Americans where brought to this country as slaves. Lot’s of others things are fair either. But each person should make the best of his or her life. If Africa is a better place, go there. If you like America better, then its fine peacefully work to reform and improve her but don’t destroy her.

The good book says, the top two commands are about love. Love God (that encompasses a lot) and love others the best we can. We don’t have to like everyone but rather love everyone for we all bleed red and all need help and hope.

Love God, Love others.