Both the revelation of & solution for…

My Pondering

Yes indeed, this I know for the Bible tells me so. I found it personally true on September 9th, 1995. I was having a terrible week and a caring Pastor told me, “I don’t know all your problems but I do know all your answers are in the book” (as Ken Trautman held a black leather bound Holy Bible).

I found this saying true, ‘No pain, no gain’.

I was hurting.

I was humbled.

I was healed.

I am honored

…to share what helped me nearly thirty years ago.

God’s Spirit is called ‘the Comforter’ for good reason.

A beautiful facet is that is more real and relevant than ever.

I was blessed beyond measure that wonderful day when I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. You can experience that too.

I like these three Bible apps:

Bible Hub, Olive Tree Bible Study, and YouVersion Bible

There are many versions of the Bible that have different styles and ways the theologians have transcribed it. The difference are relatively minor. It’s like listening to people speak the same language with different accents. I especially appreciate the Berean & Amplified. I don’t recommend the KJV (King James Version because it uses old english that was spoken some 500 years ago and some of the words used have changed and out of vogue) but other believers swear by it as ‘the original’. It was original to English but the actual original predates that back to Hebrew and Greek languages.

The bottom line is to:


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