My health plan

It seems intermittent fasting works for me.
Its free, simple, effective and healthy.
3 Weeks in thus far.

My Plan:

Sunday night – Tuesday night (24 fast only coffee and water)

Wednesday – Friday (16/8 fast = 16 hr fast / 8 hr eat window each day – avoiding processed carbs – white flour and sugar high glycemic food, sweets and alcohol)

Friday – Sunday 6pm (normal balance diet with occasional feast)

Closing the 3 circles on my iWatch health app 5-6 days per week

Tracking all food in MyFitness Pal, weighing myself at least weekly

Exercising cardio 5-6x a week to good sweat / min 30 mins, avg 45 some 1-2 hr (Indoor bike, outdoor bike, brisk walks, – need to include getting on my rowing machine too)

Exercise weight training on Total Gym 2-4 times per week, 15-30 mins

Drinking lot of water
Taking Alive multi-vitamin 3 per say, Olive Oil 2-3 tablespoons per day; Fish oil 3 capsules per day, Garlic 2 per day

Sleeping 6-7 hrs per day


Lose 37 lb by 12/31/23
and maintain under 200lb for rest of life

Be healthy as possible, living fairly well to 💯 without aid of medication (other than synthroid for my Hypo thyroid condition)

Any suggestions or ideas?

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