Apart from God, there is NOTHING we can DO to gain salvation…

…but with God we can DO these at least these four things which are essential to salvation:

1) 📖 Reading and hearing God’s Word, the Holy Bible, as your life depends on it because it certainly does.

Precious are the bearers who bring God’s word.

2) 🙏 Praying the Father’s will regarding salvation while eagerly waiting and seeking to hear Jesus’s knock at the door at your heart. Asking for others to pray and praying for others, especially once saved.

Sweet are the prayer’s of a righteous man.

3) 🎁 Receiving wholeheartedly the Gospel gift of Christ and cherishing His loving sacrifice on cross.

Critical was the precious blood 🩸 Christ shed on the cross and what amazing power of our loving Father who resurrected Jesus from the dead.

4) ♻️ Repenting earnestly from the curse of sin in humility while sincerely admitting our guilt and trespassing.

Realizing our self inflicted pain and renouncing our wayward heart is so endearing to God.

It’s not a magic formula, nor an advanced AI algorithm but from the Word of God. Of our self; it’s impossible but with Jesus Christ; it’s all possible.

God’s word says that the spirit may be willing but the flesh is weak. Come Spirit and guide us all.

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