What is a fanatic?

My Pondering

Its great to be a fan of someone or something decent…

…but it’s not to be a fanatic.

It’s great to be zealous toward a noble cause…

…but not it’s nit to be a zealot.

It’s great to enjoy a fine meal…

…but it’s not to be a glutton.

The obvious point here is that when most good things are carried to the extreme, they become bad.

They are usually okay in moderation and best at the proper dosage and timing.

This is an essential of excellence in life: harmonic balance.

Yes, there are times when we should jet and other times we are best to rest. A time to push and other to relax. Times to pull and times to rest.

But foremost, we need to be wise. To know the truth. To know north is always north. Not to be a feel and double time in the opposite direction. That’s why we need to measure twice and cut once but we need to cut one way or the other before it’s too late. No decision inevitably becomes worse than a so-so decision. So let’s first choose between right and wrong, the good from decent. then great from good so we can be the best we can become.

When we do that well, we will have plenty of fans but won’t be a fanatic, zealot, selfish glutton.

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