God helps…

My Pondering

A good ‘online’ friend of mine, David, suggested this statement which is often attributed to Benjamin Franklin isn’t Biblical.

Which, if we think our success comes apart from God, I must agree because the Bible says, ‘In Him, we live and move and have our being’ – that is IF you are a living Christian.

So Dave stated and shared this article with me.


It took me a year, but I read this article which was decent. I think what Franklin was saying is that our relationship, our excellence in requires our taking action. It is simply a principle God created to govern the universe. To accomplish any good, we must begin. We must take action, as a believer or not.

It would be better theologically if there was this tag added as a suffix like one pf these…

“God helps those who help themselves …

… (1) when we please His Providence first.”

… (2) most by living to glorify our Creator.”

…(3) when we love, have faith and trust in Him will all our being.”

…(4) when we fight the good fight of faith.”

…(5) as the good investors of talents returned a handsome investment.”

…(6) when our attitudes are positive and our actions are in sync with our created purpose.”

I see it in the light of this Scripture:

Meaning, we begin to help ourself best by exercising our faith and will by trusting in God. No doubt we help ourselves (and others best) with God than solo. Without God’s blessing, we are taught that we can do NOTHING eternal, nothing spiritual.

If you agree, which one(s) do you like the best (1-6)?

I encourage to write your own.

And if not, why not?

All sincere comments welcome 😉

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