He Came… John 1:10

I cannot get away from the whole wonder of these words, “He came.”

The story of pity and mercy and redeeming love are all here in two words: “He came.” All the pity that God is capable of feeling, all the mercy that He is capable of showing and all the redeeming grace that He could pour out of His heart are at least suggested here in two simple words: “He came” All the hopes and longings and aspirations and dreams of immortality that lie in the human breast had their fulfillment in those two words.

Very simply, we have been created in the image of Christ. Buried deep within our created soul is the echo of immortality. And all of this is summed up here in these two, one syllable words, “he came,” which occupy only seven spaces on the line; and yet what He tells us here is more profound than all philosophy.

Gather together in one place all the great philosophy of every culture from the beginning of time and none of it remotely approaches the wonder and profundity of the words “He came.”

Highly underrated, these words are more beautiful and eloquent than all oratory, more musical than all music and more lyrical than all song, because they tell us that we, who are in darkness, were visited by the Light.

A.W. Tozer

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