My Spiritual Birthday 9/9/1995

Today is my birthday! My 27th spiritual one!

On Wed, 9/6/95 I lost my job (got fired for trying to save a big job), the next day – I lost my car (the engine blew), the very next day – I lost my wife (she walked out on me)…but the next morning, God turned a terrible week into my most glorious. PTL!

I am forever grateful to Jesus…

…and Pastor Ken Troutman, who said to me on Saturday 9/9/95 @ approx 9:50am, ‘I don’t know all your problems, but what I do know is that all YOU need to know is in this Bible. Would you like to know more about it?’

I said, ‘Yes’ and the Spirit of God did His marvelous work, a miracle indeed.
He made the impossible; all possible, as I was born again that Saturday morning.

See the Bible, John 3:1-16.
Born Once Die Twice (B1D2) or Born twice, Die Once (B2D1).
The choice is yours. No decision is a choice too. Choose wisely.
Yes, God gave us the free will and responsibility of certain choice but out sovereign God keeps control of the consequences.

If YOU want to know more, let me know.

It would by my honor and duty, for one who is full to tell another where he found the bread.

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