What day is it? today… Pooh and Piglet

My Pondering

Let us not lose site and make the most of the present. Let’s not get stuck reliving the past over and over while neither ignoring it. Think of it like using the rearview mirror of your car.

The future is important but we can’t control it or make it happen any faster. So sure it wise to delay some gratification for it. To begin with the end in mind.

With that said, Pooh is so right in regard to today, “My favorite day”. So let’s take some of the honey loving bear’s wisdom and go forth.

Yeah, you got challenges to overcome, so do I. We all do at different levels. He is another tid bit:

So lets Carpe’ diem. Let’s make the most of our time, most of the present for it’s truly a gift. A gift to use and make good stuff happen, to bare good fruit.

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