Live at peace; as possible – Romans 12:17-19

My Pondering

This doesn’t mean don’t defend your loved ones and yourself from evil or harm. It means don’t be filled with vengeance.

In the latest Batman movie, Batman realized the vengeance he had to right the terrible wrong from his parent’s death was eating at his heart and making him not much better than the perpetrators.

Yes, everyone deserves justice. Ultimately, we have two options:

Remain bitter or get better.

I couldn’t but help notice the IF in v18. Some peeps are downright evil and we are called in other passages to hate what God hates. No doubt this should be the exception rather than the norm.

This really resonates with me: “Carefully consider what is right in the eyes of everybody.”…aaah wholistic perspective. Get out of yourself, from behind your own eyes for a moment and see the BIG picture.

We are wise to understand that God’s ways are higher than our ways. We should rise high as possible and ‘kill ’em kindness’. A few verses later, Paul exhorts us to:

God obviously realizes we are human. He knows our imperfections. In the end and this present moment, God is best suited and most able to discern between rewards and wrath, grace and truth, and forgiveness and justice. So He tells us to leave the vengeance to Him, we can’t do it nearly as well as He.

Let’s Pray

God, you are mighty…outside of you, we are not. God you are all; ALL and AWE. We trust you. We know You got us. This world is hard sometimes but You are goof all-times. Help us dear Lord to overcome and persevere. We know some how, some way…You will make it all work out for Your glory and our best.

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