More, more, more

He sure does. Oh what a tangled web he tricks us to weave, when we deceive…ourselves and others.

There is a healthy balance and harmony between contented and striving to be better, between abiding and striving to improve, to be a rest and working. Both are essential but always needing, “more, more, more” is an unhealthy addiction.

More, more, more” is usually a false idol. Outside of God, “more, more, more” is an empty promise that leads use away.

More money, power, sex, drugs,…

This song by Billy Idol extols that…though catchy and cool, it’s path is a dead end. No human or vice is that awesome.

From his name, ‘Idol’
To the lyrics, “more, more, more”
To the colors, “red and black”
It reeks, even though attractive and edgy, it’s path ends in destruction.

Oh, how we need discernment and clarity.

When we got God and He has gots us, we gots more than enough…forevermore.

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