Follow Me – Luke 9:23-24

My Pondering

This is verse the opposite of what we get from the world.

How can less be more?

God wants, actually He demands, for us to be ‘all in’. He expects and deserves full 100% commitment.

Perhaps this little story will assist us,

Two animals, a chicken 🐔 and a pig 🐷 venture out and come across a restaurant who has a big sign displayed: WANTED BACON 🥓 & EGGS 🥚PAY TOP DOLLAR 💵. So the lil chicken 🐔 says, ‘that sounds good to me, I can spare a few eggs 🥚 🥚. How about you Mr Pig 🐷 ? Mr Pig says, “Wait just a minute. For you, it’s just a contribution for me, its all I got. No way.” That how some Christians act towards God. Part time, just giving when convenient.

Many Christians including yours truly often want just to contribute to God, giving to Him what’s convenient and easy. But He actually wants us to be all in, like the hog. When we give Him our all, He promises the miraculous to happen.

Case in point, when our dear Savior got up on that old rugged cross and offered up Himself, God the Father made the amazing happen. When we give fully, God blesses fully and then some.

As Jim the missionary said,

“When we give what we can not keep

we gain what we can not lose,”


When we are obedient for Christ’s sake, when we take up our cross daily by bearing our burdens and other people’s too, with love, joy and peace, then are transcend into a special place, rare air. When we do that daily, consistently carrying our cross into the mundaneness and grind of daily living, everyday miracles are present. And we are sowing seed into eternity.

Ultimately, we each must willingly decrease our old selves, so that the Spirit of God may increase.

Less of me, more of Him.

In the world but not of the world.

Greater is He that is in me!

My Prayer

Lord, You got this. Help me to leave the worst of me for the best of You. Like Baptism, death to the old man, life to the new. By You, I am true.


If you by chance did notice, this verse started with “He said to them all”. John 3:16 tells us Christ died for all. Hey good news, that includes you too! But you must choose to receive the great gift 🎁. No day like today. No time like now.

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