Do your work heartily… Colossians 3:23

Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men.


Promotions typically come through faithfulness, tenacity, commitment, and results….Yet far too often that is the way we bargain with God. We want Him to take us to the next level of His plan for us before we commit to or master the level we are currently on. Maybe we do this because we don’t particularly care for His current assignment for us.

It could be that it isn’t very exciting, noteworthy, or fun. It might be mundane or even difficult work. But God has a reason for every season of your life—nothing is for naught. Sometimes your assignment is intended to test you; other times it is meant to train you. Perhaps God is using your work to develop a deeper level of faithfulness and commitment within you. Whatever it is, God has a reason for you being right where you are now.

God is watching your external actions just as much as He is watching your internal mindset. Let Him hear your thankfulness for what you have to be grateful for even if you are wanting Him to move you further in your destiny. Gratitude, rather than complaining, is God’s recipe for success.

Tony Evans, Called for a purpose

My Pondering

God gave Adam work to do before sin entered the world. God worked to create the world for that matter. We were created in His image to create, multiply and even have dominion.

Our work varies during our seasons of life and from person to person but one thing is for sure as in all things we are called to put first things first.

Most certainly we have been equipped with various natural talents, we learn skills and even receive divine gifts of service. It’s really not so much of what we do, but how and why we do what we do.

To dig a bit deeper into work, action and faith, check out this formula I hypothesized.

My Prayer

Help me put first things first. May Your will be my honor. May your destiny be my way. Your Word instructs me. Your Spirit guides me. In You I live, I work and I have my utmost being. Please prosper me thru thick and thin, in Jesus’s name I pray.

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